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  • Loads of new inventory!
    We have just received a few shipments from some of our favorite suppliers, and we are so happy!  Our shelves are full of some fantastic yumminess, and we encourage you...
  • Wicked bad hot sauce!
    There comes a time in ones life where you have to come clean and admit to your mistakes, follies and wicked deeds. This will be my confession to follow. ....
  • Happy New Year…Now bring on the heat!
    Many of you may not know this but I like spicy food. Eggs are not breakfast without hot sauce. Tacos, be they west Texas style or traditional al carbon, cannot...
  • Bastille Day
    We’ll maybe not in time for Bastille Day, but in time for the finish of the Tour de France, we have, once again, the fabulous French Butter with sea salt....
  • Sunshine. . .at last.
    We just received a blessing from the weather maidens and some new inventory from our wonderful suppliers. Pleasant Ridge Reserve- an award winning cheese from Wisconsin that will really blow...
  • Pasta Sunday!
    We have just finished our Sunday batch of pasta. We have made the tagliatelle and fettuccine that we usually do but we also made a batch of apple-chevre ravioli. Although...
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