Handcrafted salumi from Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Salame Barolo—With Barolo wine a true Piedemontese creation
  • Cacciatore—“The hunter’s” salame, rustic full flavour
  • © Creminelli Fine Meats

  • Salame CasalingoCasalingo translates into “the salami of the house”
  • Salame Felino—One of Italy’s oldest salami recipes
  • Salame Piccante—Made with paprika and hot peppers, a.k.a. calabrese
  • Salame Tartufo—Black summer truffles
  • Salame Sopressata—Garlic crushed by hand and wine
  • Cingale Caciatorini—With wine-soaked cloves and juniper berries