~grilled cheese~

locally made sliced sourdough and our secret blend of cheeses  $7*

~ham & cheese~

Van de Rose ham, cave aged emmenthal on locally made sliced sourdough $9*

~corned beef~

house made corned beef on locally made rye bread $8*

~corned beef reuben~

cold war style (no russian), house made corned beef, cave aged emmenthal and sauerkraut $9*

~mini Italian sub~

handmade mortadella and cotto salame, aged provolone, and our house made vinaigrette on ciabatta style loaf   $8*

~chicken salad~

house made chicken salad served on locally made toasted oat bran bread $8*

~mushroom & gruyere pressed sandwich~

cave aged gruyere, cremini mushrooms and locally made sourdough bread $7.50*

~veggie sandiwch~

Mushrooms, cucumbers and carrots tossed with our house made Asian spiced vinaigrette on locally made sprouted wheat bread, spread with our house made hummus  $8*


House Specialties

~lunch box~

our version of a European picnic, demi baguette, sliced salumi, cheese, and dried fruit and nut mix  $8.50*

~ploughman’s lunch~

demi baguette, cheese, salumi, and accompaniments  $9*

~charcuterie plate~

selection of hand cured meats with accompaniments and demi baguette         $16

~cheese plate~

selection of three cheeses with accompaniments and demi baguette  $18


(Fall Thru Spring Only)


our house made ramen stock, veggies and your choice of:

chicken or pork: $12

add soft poached egg: $1.50

~seasonal soup of the day~

made in house from real ingredients, our soups are the best you’ll find in town.   $7*

Small Bites

~hummus plate~

our house made hummus served with sliced baguette $8

~olives Provençal~

selection of mixed olives with traditional Provençal spices  $7

~daily specials~

on occasion when the mood strikes us or we find something irresistible or at the peak of season, we produce unique dishes for a limited time.

to find out about our daily specials you can follow our twitter feed:   salumiere_ww or join us on facebook at

~ankle biters~

Apples and peanut butter   $3

Noodles and broth  $6

PB&J  $5


* available to go