We stock just the right start to your day, afternoon indulgence or dessert companion.

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company has been championing small farms, sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices long before those were catch phrases. They roast their own beans and do so with an eye for quality, not quantity. Stop by and pick up a pound of some of the best coffee you’ve ever had and you’ll see why we continue to drink this year after year.

  • Heart of Darkness—This extra-dark roast delivers berry and dark chocolate notes in thefragrance followed, by a smoky, robust and earthy flavor in the cup. Exceptionally smooth body balances out this heavy, “jungly” coffee.
  • Peruvian Salkantay—The most chocolaty coffee we have ever tasted. Amazing rich, dark flavours from a 100% organic and fair trade coffee.
  • Sweet Italian—Sweet Italian has remained one of our most popular blends. The unique combination of winey acidity, berry-like fruit characteristics and full-bodied, smoky flavor has made this coffee a favorite for a reason.