We’ve brought a wonderful world of tasty beers to Walla Walla.

Our unique selection boasts several brands that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. Because we continually source out hard to find libations, many of which are in limited supply, our selection changes frequently.

Some of our favorite brews include:

Duvel—This may be the Devil’s brew, but it is heavenly no doubt. One of the finest Belgian golden ales out there. If you have not tried it yet, you need to. Put this on your to-do list today.

Fantome—While difficult to get, we love it when this comes in. All of the Fantome beers are made in small batches, but are incredibly unique in flavor and aroma. The Saison once smelled of wild, mountain strawberries and tasted like some crazy citrus fruit. If you love beer like we do, you need to try this.

Cantillon—People have often called us – Damon in particular – stubborn. The man behind Cantillon, Jean Pierre Van Roy, is a bit like us – stubborn. He refuses to water down or sugar up his beers. They are true to their style and he makes no excuses. We think that he doesn’t need to make excuses as his beers are extremely well crafted.

Trappist Beers—Geographical isolation should not be a deterrent to expanding one’s horizons or palate. The real Trappist beers of Europe are truly amazing things. There are seven monasteries that are allowed to use the “Real Trappist Product “ logo (six of which are available in the states): Chimay, Orval, Westmalle, La Trappe (koingshoven), Rochefort, Achel and Westvletern (which is not available outside the brewery). Brewed by monks, who adhere to strict guidelines and methods, these beers are the culmination of hundreds of years of tradition. The beers are fantastic and a must for any beer enthusiast. As a bonus most of the proceeds from these beer sales go toward charitable works. Drink beer, do good. We like that philosophy.

Allagash Brewing Company—Portland, Maine’s answer to Portland, Oregon. These hand-crafted American beers are some of the best you are going to find anywhere in this country. Traditional methods and ingredients and an emphasis on real quality… this is where better beer comes from.

Lost Abbey—Another great American brewing story, although these guys take a decidedly different approach to beer. While they believe in quality ingredients and traditional methods, they are making their own rules about styles and recipes. And they are having great success doing it. Why can’t you make a Saison with champagne yeast or fruit? These are the questions these guys are asking and answering every day. God bless ‘em.

Brasserie Dupont—While these guys make several beers, we haven’t found one yet that we do not like. From the Saison to the Avril bier de table, all of it is good. If we ever find one we don’t like we’ll be sure to let you know… but don’t hold your breath on that.

Blackthorn Cidre—While most people consider hard cider a “ladies drink”, we beg to differ. If you have ever had a snakebite (half lager, half cider) you know how great and refreshing this can be. Well we took it one step further and created the Dog Bite (half Boddinigton’s Cream Ale and half Blackthorn). Big foamy head and before you know it, the bite. So we keep this on hand… just because.

And don’t hesitate to call or email us if you’re looking for something special!