Salumiere Cesario has a lot of great friends, neighbors and admirers. And fortunately they say nice things about us.

This market carries many ingredients for a cook and a non-cook alike… Main dishes ready to cook, a cold cheese room (with tastes before you buy), a meat case (tastes before you buy), beers on tap, olive oil in bulk, spices in bulk, pastas, beverages, on and on. They also serve food inside and on sidewalk tables. Their meats come from artisans across the country: read the available items on the huge chalkboard behind the cash register area. Oh, and the service! We were helped by a gal who is so excited to be a new Walla Walla resident….very knowledgeable and friendly. This is a must-stop for a picnic, recipe ingredients, or just to take home fun food for antipasto plate!

Flowers & Quilts, Pendelton, OR

Four of us shared a meat and cheese plate, tasting 5 cheeses and 3 meats. We sat outdoors and watched the world walk by as we took part in a most delightful and interesting lunch. Inside and outside, the employees were most helpful.

Bob V., Redmond, OR

On your way to a day of wine tasting? Stopped here to purchase supplies for a winery picnic. We picked out 3 cheeses from the cheese room, cut to the size we needed. The clerk let us sample any of the meats or cheeses before buying. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was awesomely good. Sandwiches were available as well. We just opted for a charcuterie type of picnic.

Nancy D., Cypress, CA

I would have never expected to find such a gem in Walla Walla…but what do I know?  They have an amazing selection of meats and cheses.  I am still craving that mole salami we tried. They are a little pricey, so be carefule when ordering.  We order .25 of each item we selected and it was the perfect amount for our picnic. I recommend to stop here to load up for a picnic while wine tasting.

Joy C., Pflugerville, TX 

“In 2006, we moved from a large metropolitan area to Walla Walla. We thought when we moved here we’d have to settle for whatever cheeses or cured meats we’d find in the regular grocery stores. But within days of our arrival, we discovered Salumiere Cesario. We grinned like fools the first time we saw the cheese closet filled with specialty cheeses and the long chalkboard list of cured meats. We’ve been loyal customers ever since.”

Karen & Bruce Craddock of Walla Walla, WA

We LOVED this place! Stopped in Walla Walla on our trip to Coeur d’Alene, and wanted a little snack in the late morning. We found this place on Yelp and it was close by, so we figured we would give it a try. What a great spot. Lots of gourmet bits – flavored salts, popcorns, teas, chocolates and a beautiful cheese closet full of very high-end cheeses. We shared an Italian cold cut sandwich – the meat was perfect, thinly sliced, on warm ciabatta bread. It was serviced with really, really good dijon mustard and house-made pickles and pickled tomatoes. We also spent some time in the cheese closet. Damon, the owner, was unbelievably generous with his time and shared some great cheeses with us. The only thing wrong with this place? It’s too far from home!

Amy E., Sherman Oaks, CA (from a Yelp review)

Wow!  Better than what you would find in San Francisco or New York. Amazing to have a place like this in Walla Walla. Impressive.

James S., San Francisco, CA (from a Yelp review)

This was above and beyond my favorite stop in Walla Walla!! It beat out the wineries hand down.

I walked in just to look around. I started talking with the staff and the next thing I know I am sampling and buying things I didn’t know I wanted… it was like they were subliminally getting me to buy things through the power of meat.

The store is well stocked with a great selection of meats and cheese (make sure you go back to the cheese storage). They also make sandwiches that sounded amazing. I am kicking myself for not returning for lunch. The also have a good selection of items to make up picnics and plates for parties (oils, marinated things, breads, and any thing else that would go well with wine).

The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable about the item in store and will get you to the meat or cheese you want. If it were not for them I would never have purchased the most amazing chocolate covered almonds I have ever had (you need to get these!).

This is a well thought out store, in a perfect setting. Before you hit the wine rooms or before you open the bottle for the evening, come here and get you food to go along with it.

Neil W., Mountlake Terrace, WA (from a Yelp review)

The shop was lots of amazing treasures that change all the time. However, the homemade corned beef sandwich is the best in the U.S. and I’ve eaten them all over the place. The pricing is great for the quality offered

Fred D., Hermosa Beach, CA (from a Yelp review)

Oh hooray for Salumiere Cesario!
As a business traveler I really look forward to simple, high quality foods on the road.  What could be more perfect than fabulous cheese and charcuterie with a nice bottle of wine?!  They have a cheese closet, and I got to go inside!  Love  that!  The staff (owners?) love what they do and love to make you happy.  Go there quickly and enjoy!

Cyndi P., Portland, OR (from a Yelp review)