We can’t believe that March is just a few days away. But, really, March is one of our favorite months of the year because it brings one of our favorite holidays of the year ~ St. Patrick’s Day!

It has become tradition in our family to make the traditional Irish-American (the Irish do not know what corned beef is) corned beef and cabbage, or boiled dinner, for family and friends on the Feast Day of St. Patrick.  This is usually accompanied by a few pints of Guinness and Harp, the original Irish beers as well.  In fact, we’ve been doing it now for 18 years and find that our children even look forward to and enjoy this tradition with us!

A few years ago, we began experimenting with curing our own beef brisket here at Salumiere Cesario, and have since been serving only our own store-cured Corned Beef on our signature Corned Beef and Reuben sandwiches. And it was just last year that we thought we’d make these briskets available to our customers so they could enjoy the traditional boiled dinner on St. Patrick’s Day in their own home. We sold every last scrap of brisket last year – over 30 pounds, and plan to do it again this year!

So, here is how this will work ~ we will be accepting orders for either a FULL brisket (usually 8 – 12 pounds) or a HALF brisket (usually 5-7 pounds) until March 5th. We have ordered a huge supply of brisket from our friends at Blue Valley Meats and will begin the brining process for the briskets no later than March 6th.  The briskets take about 10 days to brine, and will then be ready for pick up on March 16th or 17th. We will send you home with cooking instructions if you’d like them, and will have lots of Harp and Guinness on hand (and glassware too!) to complete your meal!

The fully cured briskets will sell for $13/pound. To place your order, please call the store at (509) 529-5620 or visit us at 20 N. 2nd Ave in Downtown Walla Walla. We will not take orders via email as we will need your credit card information to hold your order.

And, if you are just a little uncertain and would like to try the corned beef before ordering, we have our Corned Beef Sandwiches and Reuben Sandwiches on the menu at all times… come on down and enjoy one and decide after you have tasted it!

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