Did you know that October marks the first annual American Cheese Month? It is a month long celebration of North America’s delicious cheese, cheesemakers, retailers, cheese farmers, distributors, educators, chefs and cheesemongers who make up the cheese community. And here at Salumiere Cesario, we are going to extend this celebration beyond North America, to simply just celebrate all things CHEESE! The goal of this event is to raise awareness about the quality and diversity of great cheese that is made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep and even water buffalo ~ and to celebrate, we will be announcing a Cheese of the Week each week in October, telling you a little bit about the cheese itself and offering it to you at a discount too!

This week, we bring you Scharfe Maxx.  On the edge of the Bodensee Lake in Canton Thurgau in northern Switzerland three master cheese makers at Käserei Studer are using thermalized milk to create this firm, powerful cheese.  The cheese is washed in brine with herbs and aged for a minimum of six months to attain the tangy, meaty flavor.  A little cream is added to the whole milk in the cheese making to retain its touch of creaminess.  This cheese pairs exceptionally well with ales and wheat beers (you know where to find those!) and full-bodied red wines.

We have often said (when referring to cheese) sometimes the stinkier they are, the better they are.  Well, this one most certainly lives by those rules and is an awesome, albeit stinky, artisan cheese.  Come on in this week to try some for yourself!  And, if you like it, it’ll be 10% off all week until we announce our next Cheese of the Week on 10/10.


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